A protocol for single nucleus RNA-seq from frozen skeletal muscle

Single-cell technologies are a method of choice to obtain vast amounts of cell-specific transcriptional information under physiological and diseased states. Myogenic cells are resistant to single-cell RNA sequencing because of their large, multinucleated nature. Researchers at the University of Calgary report a novel, reliable, and cost-effective method to analyze frozen human skeletal muscle by single-nucleus RNA sequencing. This method yields all expected cell types for human skeletal muscle and works on tissue frozen for long periods of time and with significant pathological changes. This method is ideal for studying banked samples with the intention of studying human muscle disease.


Soule TG, Pontifex CS, Rosin N, Joel MM, Lee S, Nguyen MD, Chhibber S, Pfeffer G. (2023) A protocol for single nucleus RNA-seq from frozen skeletal muscle. Life Sci Alliance 6(5):e202201806. [article]

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