A workflow for analysis of small RNA sequencing data

Small RNAs (size 20-30 nt) of various types have been actively investigated in recent years, and their subcellular compartmentalization and relative concentrations are likely to be of importance to their cellular and physiological functions. Comprehensive data on this subset of the transcriptome can only be obtained by application of high-throughput sequencing, which yields data that are inherently complex and multidimensional, as sequence composition, length, and abundance will all inform to the small RNA function. Subsequent data analysis, hypothesis testing, and presentation/visualization of the results are correspondingly challenging.

University of Oslo researchers have constructed small RNA libraries derived from different cellular compartments, including the nucleolus. Here, they present a workflow for analysis of small RNA sequencing data generated by the Ion Torrent PGM sequencer from samples derived from different cellular compartments.


Pipeline for data management and small RNA analysis

Bai B, Laiho M. (2016) Deep Sequencing Analysis of Nucleolar Small RNAs: Bioinformatics. Methods Mol Biol 1455:243-8. [abstract]

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