Accelerated RNA discovery with the XploreRNA cloud platform

Copenhagen, 2015-11-06 08:13 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exiqon A/S (NASDAQ OMX: EXQ), a leading provider of flexible solutions for RNA analysis, today announced the first public presentation of the XploreRNA™ cloud platform.

At the Genome Festival, which took place on November 4th and 5th 2015 in Silicon Valley, about 1.000 attendees met to discuss the latest progress within genomics.

During the conference, attendees could sign up for interactive one-on-one demonstrations of XploreRNA™. Demonstrations were simultaneously displayed at large screens allowing other scientists to follow the live presentations.

XploreRNA™ offers academic and industry researchers a fast, simple, always available online platform for RNA Sequencing data analysis and validation. It addresses the bottlenecks and workflow inefficiencies faced by researchers to help advance research – without compromising quality. First customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Suvi Kuosmanen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland, said “The Gene Sorting wizard is amazing. It is fantastic that you can click directly to validation assays.”

Gerard Moloney, University College Cork, Ireland, said “Even with a low knowledge of RNA-seq you can use it.” 

 “We strive to serve our customers with best-in-class products for RNA discovery and easy to use bioinformatics solutions. XploreRNA™ brings everything together in one simple solution for our customers by integrating data analysis and guidance to relevant customized validation assays which may easily be ordered through an integrated web-shop” said Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dr. Henrik M. Pfundheller.

By the launch of XploreRNA™ Exiqon positions itself as the leading provider of integrated bioinformatics software tools and reagents for validation of RNA sequencing experiments. The 700 mUSD RNA sequencing market is rapidly growing driven by the need to understand when and where genes are expressed.

Exiqon estimates that a growing group of currently 30-40.000 scientists may benefit from using XploreRNA™ to analyze and validate their RNA sequencing experiments. At launch, the customers are offered to automatically analyze mRNA and whole transcriptome sequencing data with build-in design of customized validation assays based on the ExiLERATE LNA™ PCR portfolio and Exiqon’s Antisense LNA™ GapmeR product portfolio for functional analysis. The XploreRNA™ offering will also soon include automated miRNA sequencing analysis and customized miRNA assay design based on Exiqon’s miRCURY LNA™ product portfolio.

“During 2016 the majority of Exiqon’s products will be available through XploreRNA. The ambition is to create the leading e-commerce platform for researchers in life science. The applied Amazon S3 web-service platform is highly scalable and XploreRNA holds the potential to host third party products as well” said President and CEO, Dr. Lars Kongsbak.

XploreRNA™ may be accessed at:

Additional information on XploreRNA™ and RNA sequencing may be obtained at:

About Exiqon

Exiqon operates in two business areas: Exiqon Life Sciences is a leading provider of flexible solutions for RNA analysis used by academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies around the world to make groundbreaking discoveries about the correlation between gene activity and the development of cancer and other diseases. Exiqon Diagnostics develops novel molecular diagnostic tests for early detection of cancer and treatment selection for patients based on gene activity analysis, using the tools developed by Exiqon Life Sciences. Exiqon is listed on the NASDAQ in Copenhagen. For more information about us, please visit

Source – Global NewsWire

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