Advancing single-cell RNA-seq data analysis through the fusion of multi-layer perceptron and graph neural network

The advancement of single-cell sequencing technology has smoothed the ability to do biological studies at the cellular level. Nevertheless, single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) data presents several obstacles due to the considerable heterogeneity, sparsity and complexity. Although many machine-learning models have been devised to tackle these difficulties, there is still a need to enhance their efficiency and accuracy. Current deep learning methods often fail to fully exploit the intrinsic interconnections within cells, resulting in unsatisfactory results.

Given these obstacles, researchers at the Harbin Medical University have developed a unique approach for analyzing scRNA-seq data called scMPN. This methodology integrates multi-layer perceptron and graph neural network, including attention network, to execute gene imputation and cell clustering tasks. In order to evaluate the gene imputation performance of scMPN, several metrics like cosine similarity, median L1 distance and root mean square error are used. These metrics are utilized to compare the efficacy of scMPN with other existing approaches. This research utilizes criteria such as adjusted mutual information, normalized mutual information and integrity score to assess the efficacy of cell clustering across different approaches. The superiority of scMPN over current single-cell data processing techniques in cell clustering and gene imputation investigations is shown by the experimental findings obtained from four datasets with gold-standard cell labels. This observation demonstrates the efficacy of our suggested methodology in using deep learning methodologies to enhance the interpretation of scRNA-seq data.

The structure of the scMPN model

The structure of the scMPN model.

Availability – scMPN code is available on github:

Feng X, Xiu YH, Long HX, Wang ZT, Bilal A, Yang LM. (2024) Advancing single-cell RNA-seq data analysis through the fusion of multi-layer perceptron and graph neural network. Brief Bioinform 25(1) bbad481. [article]

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