Allen Institute beta releases new RNA-Seq data analysis tool


The Allen Institute for Brain Science today announced the beta release of two new data analysis tools. One, called RNA-Seq Data Navigator, allows researchers to visualize categories of brain cells based on their gene similarity patterns. These open data analysis applications join a rich toolkit for clinicians and neuroscientists around the world to use at no cost. The second tool, the Allen Brain Explorer, is a web-based application that allows users to visualize mouse brain anatomy and connectivity in 3D. Previously, this tool had been available as a desktop application only; now, users can reach the explorer through their web browsers.

Also, today’s release of additional data almost doubles the number of mouse cells in the Allen Cell Types Database – raising the number included from just over 1,000 to slightly more than 1,900 cells – as well as adding new neuronal connectivity information to the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas and adding more single-cell transcriptomics data from mouse, human and macaque brain cells.

Source – The Allen Institute for Brain Science

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