An efficient RNAseq library prep method for determining reverse transcription termination sites


Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute describe a method for making Illumina-compatible sequencing libraries from RNA. This protocol can be used for standard RNAseq analysis for detecting differentially expressed genes. In addition, this protocol is ideally suited for adapting to RIPseq, 5′-RACE, RNA structural probing, nascent RNA sequencing, and other protocols where polymerase termination sites need to be profiled. The utilization of solid-phase bead chemistries facilitates simple workflow and efficient library yields.

Ordoukhanian P, Nichols J, Head SR. (2018) Primer Extension, Capture, and On-Bead cDNA Ligation: An Efficient RNAseq Library Prep Method for Determining Reverse Transcription Termination Sites. Methods Mol Biol 1712:253-261. [abstract]

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