Annai Systems to Host Data from International Cancer Genome Consortium

ShareSeq™ Platform Will Accelerate Use of ICGC Data in Research and Medicine

CARLSBAD, CA (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

Annai Systems Inc., a pioneer in genomic data management solutions, today announced an agreement with the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR) to host data from more than 10,000 human tumors to be generated by the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC). As a premier partner of OICR, Annai will make ICGC data available on ShareSeq, its secure cloud-based platform designed to enable researchers and clinicians to overcome many of the bottlenecks that commonly impede the extraction of meaning and value from genomic data.

Following deployment of ICGC data sets on ShareSeq to begin immediately, researchers may elect to download raw ICGC data from public sites at no charge or to access ICGC data online in the ShareSeq environment that provides normalized/processed data, integrated storage for private data, data search and retrieval, high performance computing, flexible analytical workflows, data sharing, and expert bioinformatics support. ShareSeq’s value-added capabilities and services are available on either a subscription or pay-for-use basis. In the near future, researchers using ShareSeq will also be able to aggregate ICGC data with their own data or with other data sets that have been pre-analyzed or normalized and made ready for biological, pathway, functional, or clinical analysis.

“The combination of the ICGC dataset and ShareSeq is an invaluable and ground-breaking resource that directly addresses the needs of cancer researchers by eliminating many of the major challenges associated with accessing, analyzing and managing today’s large data sets,” commented Dr. Lincoln Stein, Director of OICR’s Informatics and Bio-Computing Program and Director of the ICGC’s Data Coordination Centre housed in Toronto, Canada. “We are excited to be working with Annai Systems to make ShareSeq the premiere genomics platform for oncology research,” added Stein.

“The mobilization of this important ICGC data on ShareSeq represents another key milestone in the realization of our vision for an interconnected network of data repositories and computing nodes that will dramatically accelerate the use of genomic data in research and medicine,” said Dr. Thomas Schlumpberger, Vice President of Business Development and Sales of Annai Systems.

About Annai Systems

Annai Systems Inc., with offices in San Francisco and Carlsbad, California, is a technology company with core competency in big data management solutions for genomics. Annai Systems offers products and services to producers and consumers of genomic data that enable them to overcome key data-related bottlenecks and roadblocks that impede progress in research and medicine.

Source – PRWeb

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