Appistry Extends Solutions for RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Upcoming release of GenomePilot™ 4.0 with RNA-Seq Capabilities

Appistry, a leading provider of solutions that simplify the analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, announced today extensions to their product line of genomics software solutions.

The upcoming release of GenomePilot™ 4.0 will incorporate the capability to perform differential expression analysis of RNA-Seq data.

“Many of our customers are faced with the challenge of migrating traditional gene expression arrays to next-generation sequencing using RNA-Seq data,” said Dr. Trevor Heritage, chief strategy officer for Appistry. “Building and executing a RNA-Seq analysis pipeline requires extensive knowledge in bioinformatics, scripting and multivariate analysis which poses a challenge for many labs. Customers have found value in the accessibility, reproducibility and scalability we have brought to analyzing DNA data with GenomePilot. The extension of those same attributes to RNA data saves our customers a considerable amount of time and resources.”

GenomePilot 4.0 focuses on providing an easier way for customers to analyze RNA-Seq data by enabling differential expression analysis in three easy steps:

  1. Feature Counts – With a few clicks the user can define a feature count pipeline to identify gene counts for analysis.
  2. Experiment Builder – The innovative and intuitive Experiment Builder enables users to easily create an experiment with traits to be analyzed, while GenomePilot auto-populates gene counts into the workflow.
  3. Differential Expression – Users can quickly run differential expression analyses and visualize their results within one system without programming or working in multiple tools.

Live demonstrations of GenomePilot 4.0 will be held in Appistry booth #40 at the upcoming Next Generation Dx Summit in Washington D.C. August 23-26 with customer availability on September 15, 2016.

Source – BusinessWire

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