At AGBT, PacBio Shows Platform Utility in RNA-seq Studies, Human Sequencing

from GenomeWeb by Monica Heger

Pacific Biosciences is expanding its technology into the realms of transcriptome sequencing and human genome sequencing, the company and its customers demonstrated at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting held in Marco Island, Fla., earlier this month.

As read lengths and throughput of the PacBio RS II continue to increase, users are increasingly finding utility beyond microbial sequencing. Sean McGrath from the Genome Institute at Washington University presented data from using the PacBio to do RNA-seq for gene prediction and identifying novel isoforms. During a company workshop, PacBio’s Chief Scientific Officer Jonas Korlach presented data on the system’s ability to identify novel isoforms and alternative splice sites. Additionally, the company’s next software release, scheduled for the second quarter, will include Iso-Seq for analyzing RNA-seq data.

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