Atypical RNAs in the coelacanth transcriptome

rna-seqCircular and apparently trans-spliced RNAs have recently been reported as abundant types of transcripts in mammalian transcriptome data. Both types of non-colinear RNAs are also abundant in RNA-seq of different tissue from both the African and the Indonesian coelacanth.

A team led by researchers at the University of Leipzig performed RNA-Seq and observed more than 8,000 lincRNAs with normal gene structure and several thousands of circularized and trans-spliced products, showing that such atypical RNAs form a substantial contribution to the transcriptome. Surprisingly, the majority of the circularizing and trans-connecting splice junctions are unique to atypical forms, that is, are not used in normal isoforms.

  • Nitsche A, Doose G, Tafer H, Robinson M, Saha NR, Gerdol M, Canapa A, Hoffmann S, Amemiya CT, Stadler PF. (2013) Atypical RNAs in the coelacanth transcriptome. J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol[Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]