Biogazelle offers unique mRNA sequencing on plasma

Belgian biotechnology company extends its service product portfolio with a novel, unique and powerful application

Ghent, Belgium – This month, Biogazelle launches a truly novel and unique application: mRNA sequencing on human plasma. mRNA sequencing on plasma – or other body fluids – has not yet been offered by other sequencing service providers. This powerful new application allows researchers to maximize the biomarker potential from valuable plasma samples, to find relevant disease or treatment response biomarkers.

Biogazelle’s CSO prof. Jo Vandesompele says: “After two years of development, we are ready to offer a sequencing workflow that specifically measures mRNA molecules in a low volume of plasma. Our workflow is both reproducible and sensitive: typically, 6000 to 8000 genes are detected. To further leverage the power of mRNA in plasma, our dry lab R&D team developed an RNA sequencing variant analysis pipeline. This puts Biogazelle at the forefront of three attractive and innovative domains: liquid biopsies, mRNA as extracellular RNA biomarker and RNA sequence variant analysis.”

One of the early collaborators, Glenn Vergauwen, MD at Ghent University Hospital, Belgium, is excited by the results: “I was impressed by the large number of protein-coding genes detected in only 200 μl of ovarian cancer patient plasma. The preliminary results in comparing samples before and during treatment are intriguing. We are currently extending this pilot study.”

Biogazelle was one of the first to offer microRNA expression profiling of challenging samples such as RNA internationally recognized expertise in RNA gene expression analysis, Biogazelle subsequently extended its portfolio with mRNA and total RNA sequencing on FFPE tissue. Today, Biogazelle has brought together expertise from two fields: extracellular RNA from liquid biopsies and the technology to measure mRNA in a sensitive and reproducible manner in fluids, namely using massively parallel sequencing to quantify and characterize mRNA in plasma. mRNA sequencing on plasma offers two main benefits:

  • in comparison to the more established microRNA sequencing: at least 10 times more mRNA genes are detected in plasma than microRNAs, providing an order of magnitude more biomarker potential; further, the role of mRNA is much better understood than that of microRNAs
  • in comparison to analysis of tissue samples: liquid biopsies allow serial follow-up of patients and provide better patient comfort, important assets in the field of precision medicine

About RNA: RNA is a chemical substance that played a central role in the origin of life on earth. Today, ribonucleic acid remains crucially important to understand health and disease. Deregulation of RNA expression is the hallmark of many diseases. As such, RNA levels can be used to monitor health, predict disease and evaluate effectiveness of therapy. Crucially important, RNA is present in all living cells and body fluids such as serum, plasma, saliva, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid. Biogazelle has carefully selected the best analytical platforms and software tools to offer tailored RNA gene expression services. The company focuses on challenging sample types in terms of compromised quality or low input availability (e.g. formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues, and body fluids).

About Biogazelle: Biogazelle is a research & development stage biotechnology company deploying the power of RNA for next generation diagnostics in the field of oncology and other diseases. Biogazelle offers expert laboratory services (some of which under ISO 17025 accreditation or GCLP compliancy) in the area of transcriptome analysis. To this purpose, various nucleic acid quantification methods such as RNA sequencing, quantitative PCR and digital PCR are being used, supported by proprietary software tools for data-analysis. In addition, Biogazelle’s RNA biomarker development program offers an end-to-end solution from RNA biomarker panel discovery to the development of a PCR-based molecular diagnostic test. Finally, Biogazelle also serves as a specialty lab in the field of clinical trials and in routine diagnostic settings.

Source – Biogazelle

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