Biogazelle receives ISO accreditation for gene expression services

Biogazelle has established a quality management system and is ISO 17025 accredited for gene expression services

Biogazelle is a Ghent University spin-off company founded in 2007 by prof. Jo Vandesompele and dr. Jan Hellemans. With a proven track record in gene expression studies, Biogazelle is at the forefront of transcriptome analyses using state-of-the-art laboratory methods, including RNA sequencing and RT-qPCR. Driven by science and the eager to learn from and to teach to the research community, Biogazelle has contributed to the standardization, characterization and optimization of gene expression methods resulting in numerous peer reviewed publications, cited more than 10 000 times collectively.

“For Biogazelle, scientific quality and integrity are extremely important. Therefore, we want to guarantee the quality of the work we do as a transcriptome service provider.” says Jan Hellemans, Biogazelle’s CEO.

Mathias Van Holm, quality manager at Biogazelle, adds: “Biogazelle aims to consistently deliver technically valid results, in time, by offering services tailored to the customer’s needs. Both customer satisfaction and excellence in science and technology are core values in our organization. We continuously look to improve on this level.”

In order to give the customer an independent, formal confirmation of the in-house available technical competence and the reliability of the test results, Biogazelle has established a quality management system based on the recognized international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

As of today, Biogazelle is ISO 17025 accredited for different messenger RNA, microRNA and long non-coding RNA expression analyses and supporting services using RT-qPCR and RNA sequencing technologies. The accreditation certificate and a detailed description of the entire scope can be obtained upon request (contact details at the bottom). The information is also available on the Belac website (Belac, 528-TEST).

About Biogazelle
Biogazelle is a Ghent University spin-off founded in 2007 by prof. Jo Vandesompele and dr. Jan Hellemans. Biogazelle offers expert laboratory services (some of which under ISO 17025 accreditation) in the area of gene expression analysis. To this purpose, several state-of-the-art laboratory methods such as RNA sequencing and digital PCR are being used, complemented with custom developed unique software tools, including qbase+ for RT-qPCR data-analysis.

Being at the forefront of the genomics revolution, Biogazelle is convinced that unraveling the coding and non-coding regions of the genome will lead to RNA targeted biomarkers and treatments for better healthcare. Its mission is to understand the transcriptome for next generation diagnostics and therapeutics through excellence in science and technology.

Biogazelle continues to build on its core values of collaboration, courage, passion and open communication.

Mathias Van Holm
Quality manager
Phone: +32 9 245 96 44
Technologiepark 3, B-9052 Zwijnaarde, Belgium

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