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Data Scientist for Bioinformatics and Computer Biology


Job Description: Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Genetics/Genomics or related field. Experience with ‘omics platform output. Experience with biological datasets and next generation sequencing data. Graphical output of data analysis for publication. Demonstrated experience ...

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scTenifoldXct: A semi-supervised method for predicting cell-cell interactions and mapping cellular communication graphs

Researchers from Texas A&M University present scTenifoldXct, a semi-supervised computational tool for detecting ligand-receptor (LR)-mediated cell-cell interactions and mapping cellular communication graphs. Their method is based on manifold alignment, using LR pairs as inter-data correspondences to embed ligand and receptor ...

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NIAID Launches Data Discovery Portal

The world is sitting on a wealth of knowledge that has yet to be fully realized. Researchers around the globe generate huge amounts of biomedical data across an enormous spectrum of specialties – clinical data, genomic data, epidemiological data – ...

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