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Reproducible Bioinformatics Project

Reproducible research is a key component of the scientific method and represents the ability of repeating an experiment in any place with any person. A study can be truly reproducible when it satisfies at least the following three criteria. – ...

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Partek Celebrates Six Thousandth Citation

Partek Celebrates Six Thousandth Citation Genomics plays key role in metabolic disease study St. LOUIS — 8/8/17 — Partekgenomic analysis software recently received its six thousandth citation in the June edition of Science Translational Medicine. To celebrate, Partek reached out to the ...

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PhD positions

PhD positions are available in Prof. Chun Kit Kwok’s lab in the Department of Chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong. We are looking for bright and motivated PhD students to investigate the role of RNA structure in co- ...

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