GitHub – Shared RNA-Seq Analysis Code

GitHub helps people build software together. yarden/MISO MISO: Mixture of Isoforms model for RNA-Seq isoform quantitation jrbustosm/rna-seq rna-seq analysis utils drli/RNA-seq RNA-seq data analysis andymckenzie/RNA-Seq algorithms for analyzing rna-seq data jnhutchinson/ensembl_based_RNA_seq ensembl_based_RNA_seq vsbuffalo/rna-seq-example An analysis of Arabidopsis RNA-seq data (hy5 ...

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RNA-Seq data – a goldmine for organelle research

GenBank is bursting with eukaryotic RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) results. These data are transforming our view of nuclear transcriptional architecture, but many scientists are ignoring a major component of the data: mitochondrial- and chloroplast-derived sequences. Indeed, organelle transcripts typically represent a ...

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Grape RNA-Seq analysis pipeline environment

Researchers at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and UPF, Spain have developed a pipeline for processing and analyzing RNA-Seq data, that they have named Grape (Grape RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline Environment). Grape supports raw sequencing reads produced by a variety ...

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