CD Genomics unveils groundbreaking targeted RNA sequencing platform

CD Genomics, a recognized leader in the field of genomics and transcriptomics, has proudly announced its refined service for Targeted RNA Sequencing. This novel technology enables researchers to obtain comprehensive RNA insights precisely and cost-effectively.

Targeted RNA-Seq is a ground-breaking approach to transcriptomics that allows for highly specific and deep analysis of RNA molecules in a targeted region or regions of interest. Unlike conventional transcriptomic studies that seek an all-inclusive approach to studying gene expression, targeted RNA sequencing zeroes in on specific transcripts or regions of interest. This refined focus provides researchers with a wealth of accurate data, without extraneous noise from areas that are irrelevant to the study at hand.

CD Genomics has decades of experience in genomic service, providing reliable and fully customizable solutions. Their targeted RNA sequencing services are designed to provide a high degree of sensitivity and specificity, providing a more precise way to study gene expression, fusion genes and alternative splicing in targeted regions.

“Targeted RNA-Sequencing can make previously difficult or impossible research feasible,” said the Chief Scientist at CD Genomics. “Its potential applications range from cancer research, where it can be used to detect rare mutations, to the study of cellular processes such as immunity and apoptosis. With its high degree of specificity, it can provide much more relevant and actionable data than other methods.”

He also added, “Through our targeted RNA sequencing services, we enable researchers to sequence only the specific set of genes they are interested in, achieving precise and comprehensive data for their studies. Furthermore, our targeted RNA-Seq service can sequence the same target area repeatedly, providing a detailed view of the changes over time.”

Additionally, CD Genomics provides data analysis, which includes raw data quality control, mapping of clean reads to reference genome, gene expression level estimation, alternative splicing analysis, and prediction of novel genes. Customers can rely on CD Genomics for a start-to-finish solution for their targeted RNA-Seq needs.

The launch of the refined Targeted RNA Sequencing service aligns with CD Genomics’ strategic focus on innovation and enhancing its service portfolio. This effort will allow researchers to deepen their understanding of gene expression profiles and contribute valuable insights to the fields of genomics and transcriptomics, taking another significant step towards precision medicine.

These new advancements in Targeted RNA Sequencing services reflect CD Genomics’ unwavering commitment to providing the most reliable, highest-quality genomic services in the industry.

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