Cell transcriptomic atlas of the non-human primate Macaca fascicularis

Studying tissue composition and function in non-human primates (NHPs) is crucial to understand the nature of our own species. Here a team led by researchers from BGI present a large-scale cell transcriptomic atlas that encompasses over 1 million cells from 45 tissues of the adult NHP Macaca fascicularis. This dataset provides a vast annotated resource to study a species phylogenetically close to humans. To demonstrate the utility of the atlas, the researchers have reconstructed the cell–cell interaction networks that drive Wnt signalling across the body, mapped the distribution of receptors and co-receptors for viruses causing human infectious diseases, and intersected their data with human genetic disease orthologues to establish potential clinical associations. This M. fascicularis cell atlas constitutes an essential reference for future studies in humans and NHPs.

Association of monkey cell transcriptomic profiles
with common human traits and genetic diseases

Fig. 5

The heat map shows the association of selected common human traits and diseases (indicated on the right) with the monkey cell types (indicated at the bottom) annotated in our dataset. The coloured boxes indicate selected enriched patterns.

Availability –   an open and interactive database for exploration can be accessed at https://db.cngb.org/nhpca/

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