Cellecta, Inc. launches DriverMap™ predesigned RNA-Seq panels and analysis software

Cellecta, Inc. today announced the launch of five DriverMap™ Predesigned RNA-Seq Panels. Each panel measures expression levels of over 1200 expertly curated essential genes selected from publications, open access databases, and other resources.

DriverMap Predesigned RNA-Seq Panels target known genes responsible for disease, drug response, immune response and related phenotypes.

DriverMap™ Predesigned Panels use the same multiplex RT-PCR followed by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) approach as the genome-wide DriverMap Expression Profiling assay that measures expression levels of all protein-coding human genes. DriverMap kits also come with genome alignment software that delivers differential expression data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

“The comprehensive, expertly curated DriverMap panels target complex sets of genes that enable a thorough and simple analysis of key responses in a range of human models,” said Alex Chenchik, Ph.D., chief scientific officer and president of Cellecta. “Combining manual curation with data from the most important public databases such as ENCODE, FANTOM, ImmGen, the Human Primary Cells Atlas (HPCA), DrugBank, LINCS, MSigDB, and others, we were able to create panels that provide pertinent data to identify and analyze biologically interesting expression signatures and putative markers in therapeutic and diagnostic models.”

Five DriverMap™ Predesigned RNA-Seq Panels are available:

  • DriverMap Human Cell Marker Panel – enables gene signature-based analysis and quantitative evaluation of 64 unique immune and stromal cell types by measuring the expression levels of 1,285 human protein-coding genes.
  • DriverMap Human Hallmark Signatures Panel – encompasses 50 unique hallmarks obtained from analysis of the Molecular Signatures Database (MSigDB) by measuring the gene expression of 4,304 human genes.
  • DriverMap Human LINCSx Panel – contains gene signatures of “landmark genes” from the LINCS and DrugBank databases, which catalog gene expression changes that result from exposure to perturbing agents and to drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in the past 30 years. The expression levels of 1,573 genes are measured.
  • DriverMap Human Pan-Cancer Pathway Panel – contains novel gene signatures of molecular pathways often dysregulated in cancer as reported in the scientific literature. The expression levels of 2,094 protein-coding genes are measured.
  • DriverMap Human Transcription Factor Signature Panel – enables gene signature-based inference and quantitative evaluation of 343 key transcription factors by measuring the expression levels of 2,649 genes identified from open-access databases and manual curation.

The DriverMap™ Predesigned Panel kits include a complete set of gene-specific and PCR-NGS primers, buffers, spike-in ERCC and positive control RNAs, as well as all other reagents required to profile 96 samples and prepare them for digital expression profiling using NGS on an Illumina sequencing platform. NGS reagents are not included in the DriverMap assay kit.

To facilitate data analysis, DriverMap Alignment Software is included, which enables demultiplexing and visualization of gene-specific expression data in an Excel spreadsheet format directly from Illumina NGS FASTQ raw reads.

The DriverMap™ Predesigned RNA-Seq Panels and Software are available now. For more information, visit https://www.cellecta.com/drivermap-predesigned-panels.

Source – PR Newswire

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