circRNADb – A comprehensive database for human circular RNAs with protein-coding annotations

It has been known that circular RNAs are widely expressed in human tissues and cells, and play important regulatory roles in physiological or pathological processes. However, there is lack of comprehensively annotated human circular RNAs database. Now, researchers from Nanjing Medical University established a circRNA database, named as circRNADb, containing 32,914 human exonic circRNAs carefully selected from diversified sources. The detailed information of the circRNA, including genomic information, exon splicing, genome sequence, internal ribosome entry site (IRES), open reading frame (ORF) and references were provided in circRNADb. In addition, circRNAs were found to be able to encode proteins, which have not been reported in any species. 16328 circRNAs were annotated to have ORF longer than 100 amino acids, of which 7170 have IRES elements. 46 circRNAs from 37 genes were found to have their corresponding proteins expressed according mass spectrometry. The database provides the function of data search, browse, download, submit and feedback for the user to study particular circular RNA of interest and update the database continually. circRNADb will be built to be a biological information platform for circRNA molecules and related biological functions in the future.

Data sources and the structure of circRNADb


Availability – The database can be freely available through the web server at

Chen X, Han P, Zhou T, Guo X, Song X, Yan Li Y. (2016) circRNADb: A comprehensive database for human circular RNAs with protein-coding annotations. Sci Rep [Epub ahead of print]. [article]

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