Co-expression network analysis using RNA-Seq data

DC ISCB Workshop 2016 – Co-expression network analysis using RNA-Seq data (Keith Hughitt)

Tutorial on Co-expression network analysis using RNA-Seq data presented at the ISCB DC Regional Student Group Workshop at the University of Maryland – College Park (June 15 2016).

In this presentation, I provide a simple overview of co-expression network analysis, with an emphasis on the use of RNA-Seq data. A motivation for the use of co-expression network analysis is provided and compared to other common types of RNA-Seq analyses such as differential expression analysis and gene set enrichment analysis. The use of adjacency matrices to represent networks is explored for several different types of networks and a small synthetic dataset is used to demonstrate each of the major steps in co-expression network construction and module detection. The tutorial portion of the presentation then applies some of these principles using a real dataset containing ~3000 genes, after filtering.

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