Complimentary presentations from RNA-Seq 2016

To give you a taster of what’s to come at the upcoming RNA-Seq 2017 meeting, here are a few exclusive presentations from previous meetings which you may enjoy.

This presentation pack includes 3 presentations on the following topics:

Single Cell Resolution of Cancer Evolution and Alternative Splicing

  • This presentation given by Christopher Mason, Weill Cornell Medical School, highlighted the applications of scRNA-Seq, particularly in revealing the complex isoform expression patterns.

Harnessing the Applications of RNA-Seq in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • In this presentation, Ganesh Sathe, Head of DNA Sequencing at GSK, explored the identification of macrophage polarization markers in ALS and Control Monocyte samples through RNA-Seq and NGS technologies.

Utilizing RNA-Seq Data for Biomarker Research in Cancer Immunotherapy

  • Zoltan Dezso, now senior scientist at Nurix, Inc, reviewed methods characterizing immune cell infiltration of clinical samples based on RNA-Seq expression profiles.

Download your free presentation pack here.

The upcoming RNA-Seq 2017 meeting will delve even further into these topics, discussing in detail the single-cell sequencing revolution, utilizing RNA-Seq bioinformatics to unlock transcriptome complexity and the advances in the clinical applications of RNA-Seq.

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