Comprehensive profile of the RNA editome

rna editomeA Team of researchers from Taiwan & Denmark have performed a comprehensive profiling of the RNA editome of a male Han Chinese individual based on analysis of ~767 million sequencing reads from poly(A)+, poly(A) and small RNA samples.

  • Developed a computational pipeline that carefully controls for false positives while calling RNA editing events from genome and whole-transcriptome data of the same individual.
  • Identified 22,688 RNA editing events in noncoding genes and introns, untranslated regions and coding sequences of protein-coding genes. Most changes (~93%) converted A to I(G), consistent with known editing mechanisms based on adenosine deaminase acting on RNA (ADAR).
  • Found evidence of other types of nucleotide changes; however, these were validated at lower rates.
  • Found 44 editing sites in microRNAs (miRNAs), suggesting a potential link between RNA editing and miRNA-mediated regulation.

This approach facilitates large-scale studies to profile and compare editomes across a wide range of samples.

  • Peng Z, Cheng Y, Tan BC, Kang L, Tian Z, Zhu Y, Zhang W, Liang Y, Hu X, Tan X, Guo J, Dong Z, Liang Y, Bao L,Wang J. (2012) Comprehensive analysis of RNA-Seq data reveals extensive RNA editing in a human transcriptome. Nature Biotech [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]