Construction of a human cell landscape at single-cell level



Single-cell analysis is a valuable tool to dissect cellular heterogeneity in complex systems. Yet, a comprehensive single-cell atlas has not been achieved for humans. A team led by researchers at Zhejiang University School of Medicine used single-cell mRNA sequencing to determine the cell-type composition of all major human organs and constructed a scheme for the human cell landscape (HCL). The researchers revealed a single-cell hierarchy for many tissues that have not been well characterised. They established a ‘single-cell HCL analysis’ pipeline that helps to define human cell identity. Finally, they performed a single-cell comparative analysis of landscapes from both human and mouse to reveal the conserved genetic networks. The researchers found that stem and progenitor cells exhibit strong transcriptomic stochasticity, while the differentiated cells are more distinct. This study provides a valuable resource for human biology.


Han X et al. (2020) Construction of a human cell landscape at single-cell level. Nature [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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