Creative Biolabs empowers infectious disease research with transcriptomic-based therapeutic target discovery

Studies on infections largely rely on transcriptome analyses that, by examining the whole transcripts in a pathogen like mRNA and ds-cDNA, provide valuable insights into its gene expression patterns and identify potential therapeutic targets. Standing at the forefront of transcriptome subjects, Creative Biolabs is proficient in facilitating prevalent infectious disease research with its flagship transcriptomic-based therapeutic target discovery and sophisticated bioinformatics analysis to identify novel targets for drug development.

“Our transcriptome sequencing takes on the role of analyzing gene expression levels in infectious diseases and analyzing transcriptomes in depth, uncovering new transcripts and isoforms, as well as assembling hitherto unstudied transcriptomes to identify potential therapeutic targets.” According to a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

Creative Biolabs has streamlined the analysis work into four steps and specified sample criteria (total RNA, mRNA, ds-cDNA, and cultured cells or cell sediment) to simplify customers’ exploration of novel biomolecular targets of innovative anti-infective therapies.

  • Raw RNA sequencing data preprocessing
  • Differential gene analysis
  • GO/KEGG enrichment analysis
  • Therapeutic target screening (those related to immune response, inflammatory response, etc.)

Another of the key pillars of Creative Biolabs’ transcriptome-focused initiatives is the pioneering ribosomal transcriptome analysis service.

“We go one step further and master the ribosomal transcriptome techniques that can break the uncertainty of protein-transcript matching to provide a comprehensive database of ribosomes on mRNA, even including their location and quantity, allowing scientists to delve deep into the protein translation process and discover potential targets that can then serve as the foundation for developing small molecule inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines,” added the scientist.

Thanks to its unrelenting commitment to scientific excellence, Creative Biolabs has forged solid collaborations with researchers worldwide. Its expertise in transcriptome-based technologies has proven to be a game-changer, giving researchers invaluable tools to unravel the intricacies of infectious diseases and develop targeted therapies.

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Source – Creative Biolabs

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