DISCO – a database of Deeply Integrated human Single-Cell Omics data

The ability to study cellular heterogeneity at single cell resolution is making single-cell sequencing increasingly popular. However, there is no publicly available resource that offers an integrated cell atlas with harmonized metadata that users can integrate new data with.

Now, researchers at A*STAR have developed DISCO, a database of Deeply Integrated Single-Cell Omics data. The current release of DISCO integrates more than 18 million cells from 4593 samples, covering 107 tissues/cell lines/organoids, 158 diseases, and 20 platforms. The researchers standardized the associated metadata with a controlled vocabulary and ontology system. To allow large scale integration of single-cell data, they developed FastIntegration, a fast and high-capacity version of Seurat Integration. They also developed CELLiD, an atlas guided automatic cell type identification tool. Employing these two tools on the assembled data, the researchers constructed one global atlas and 27 sub-atlases for different tissues, diseases, and cell types. DISCO provides three online tools, namely Online FastIntegration, Online CELLiD, and CellMapper, for users to integrate, annotate, and project uploaded single-cell RNA-seq data onto a selected atlas. Collectively, DISCO is a versatile platform for users to explore published single-cell data and efficiently perform integrated analysis with their own data.

The data processing pipeline, and the database content and tools of DISCO.

The data processing pipeline, and the database content and tools of DISCO

Availability – DISCO is available at: https://www.immunesinglecell.org/ FastIntegration is maintained in the GitHub: https://github.com/JinmiaoChenLab/FastIntegration Scripts of CELLiD, CellMapper are available at https://github.com/JinmiaoChenLab/DISCO_manuscript.

Li M, Zhang X, Ang KS, Ling J, Sethi R, Lee NYS, Ginhoux F, Chen J. (2021) DISCO: a database of Deeply Integrated human Single-Cell Omics data. Nucleic Acids Res [Epub ahead of print]. [article]

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