Do you wonder what 10X data looks like on the newest Illumina sequencer?

Single-cell analysis can help tease apart heterogeneity in complex cell populations, distinguishing cell types and revealing dynamic cell states. The 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression prepares sequencing-ready libraries to simultaneously profile gene expression and chromatin accessibility from the same cell.


Figure 1: Multiomics approach can combine ATAC sequencing and gene expression profiling.

Combining ATAC sequencing and gene expression profiling has become more affordable and accessible on new sequencing platforms. Illumina NovaSeq X enable more in-depth sequencing and easier onboard informatics, allowing more information per sample. Illumina has recently published NovaSeq X sequencing data for single cell ATAC and gene expression profiling, in collaboration with 10X Genomics.


Figure 2:  workflow for preparing 10x Genomics Multiome libraries and sequencing them on Illumina platforms.

To explore the data, check out Illumina’s new blog post:

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