edX Online Course – RNA-Seq Data Analysis

School: HarvardX
Course Code: PH525.5x
Classes Start: 20 April 2015; Registration open through 4 May 2015
Course Length: 2 weeks
Estimated effort: 6 hours / week


PH525.3x, PH525.4x

Basic workflow for analyzing RNA-seq datasets.

About this Course

In the PH525 case studies, we will explore the data analysis of an experimental protocol in depth, using various open source software, including R and Bioconductor. We will explain how to start with raw data, and perform the standard processing and normalization steps to get to the point where one can investigate relevant biological questions. Throughout the case studies, we will make use of exploratory plots to get a general overview of the shape of the data and the result of the experiment.

We will learn the basic steps for analyzing an RNA-seq dataset for an organism with a well-defined genome and curated gene annotation. This will include read alignment, inferring presence of isoforms, counting reads in genes, exploring sample distances, differential expression analysis, and creating visual summaries.

This class was supported in part by NIH grant R25GM114818.

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