EricScript – for Discovering chimeric transcripts in paired-end RNA-Seq data


ChimEric tranScript detection algorithm (EricScript) is a novel computational framework, named, for the identification of gene fusion products in paired-end RNA-seq data. A simulation study on synthetic data demonstrates that EricScript enables one to achieve higher sensitivity and specificity than existing methods with noticeably lower running times. The method is also applied to publicly available RNA-seq tumour datasets to demonstrate its capability in rediscovering known gene fusions.

Availability: The EricScript package is freely available under GPL v3 license at

  • Benelli M, Pescucci C, Marseglia G, Severgnini M, Torricelli F, Magi A. (2012) Discovering chimeric transcripts in paired-end RNA-seq data by using EricScript. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]