Exiqon launches next generation sequencing services for microRNAs in blood

Copenhagen, 2015-03-31 14:23 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exiqon A/S (NASDAQ OMX: EXQ), a leading supplier of high-value gene expression analysis products, today announced the launch of Next Generation Sequencing services for microRNAs present in blood serum and plasma. This new offer marks the latest addition to a growing portfolio of Next Generation Sequencing services complemented by proprietary bioinformatics tools and LNA™-enhanced products for efficient validation and down-stream functional analysis of RNAs.

Exiqon’s Next Generation Sequencing services provide a complete sample-to-answer solution including biological interpretation of customer’s results in the form of a highly advanced interactive report accompanied by a teleconference with Exiqon’s expert NGS and RNA scientists. The interactive report summarizes results in easily understood tables and diagrams and provides access to easily identify genes of interest through use of Exiqon’s proprietary bioinformatics tools that save customers time and effort by rapidly presenting relevant information compared to traditional literature and database searches.

“We are excited to continuously extend our proven track record of translating new technology into robust, validated services that can be accessed by our customers through the advanced online reporting systems we have developed over the past many years. This latest service offering has been requested by our customers for some time and I am very pleased to announce that we now are able to serve the demand for Next Generation Sequencing of microRNAs present in blood serum and plasma.” said Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dr. Henrik M. Pfundheller.

Exiqon’s Next Generation Sequencing services integrate technical support in the planning phase with advanced sample preparation, library preparation, and sequence generation based on state-of-the-art equipment with proprietary data analysis.

Exiqon has developed a robust protocol for sequencing of microRNAs in blood serum and plasma, which now is made available to our Service customers. Every step of a service project undergoes rigorous QC to secure the best possible quality. Results are provided within 4-6 weeks after QC approval of customer samples.

Exiqon also offers a full range of LNA™-enhanced qPCR products and services, for validation of genes identified by Next Generation Sequencing, and LNA™-enhanced products for efficient down-stream gene silencing functional analysis.

About Exiqon

Exiqon operates in two business areas: Exiqon Life Sciences is a leading provider of flexible solutions for RNA analysis used by academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies around the world to make groundbreaking discoveries about the correlation between gene activity and the development of cancer and other diseases. Exiqon Diagnostics develops novel molecular diagnostic tests for early detection of cancer and treatment selection for patients based on gene activity analysis, using the tools developed by Exiqon Life Sciences. Exiqon is listed on the NASDAQ in Copenhagen. For more information about us, please visit www.exiqon.com

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