Featured RNA-Seq Job – Computational Scientist

The Frederick National Laboratory is dedicated to improving human health through the discovery and innovation in the biomedical sciences, focusing on cancer, AIDS and emerging infectious diseases. The Advanced Biomedical Computational Science (ABCS) group provides technology development, scientific consultation, collaboration and training, and high-performance computing support to the NCI and NIH scientists and staff. The RNA Biology laboratory carries out cutting-edge research into the roles of RNAs and RNA-protein complexes in cancer and fosters synergistic interactions and cross-disciplinary collaborations between a wide range of RNA scientists and clinicians. Areas under study include the pathways by which RNAs are synthesized, processed and degraded, the mechanisms by which noncoding RNAs and RNA-protein complexes contribute to cell function and tumor virus replication, the ways in which alterations in RNA metabolism contribute to human cancers, and the development of RNA-based therapies.

A background in RNA biology and experience with complex bioinformatic analysis of RNA sequencing experiments is preferred.


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