Featured RNA-Seq Job – Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology


Under the general supervision of the Principal Investigator, the SRAIII is to work on the Drosophila blood stem cell project by performing high-level research activities and experimental procedures, such as designing, planning, executing and optimizing research experiments.

Incumbent is to prepare and process samples for single cell RNA sequencing, run quality assessments, and analyze RNA sequencing data. Incumbent is to focus on using RNA sequencing technique to identify different types and states of hematopoietic cells in larval lymph gland and create gene expression profiles of these cells.

Other responsibilities include, fly dissection, single cell preparation, RNA isolation, Immunostaining, and Western blotting.


  • Demonstrated knowledge of molecular techniques that include PCR, DNA/RNA blots and tissue cultures.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand scientific protocols and to maintain an organized notebook.
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct literature searches for knowledge essential to experimentation.
  • At a minimum, a Master’s degree in Biology or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Demonstrated related laboratory experience.
  • Ability to work independently without close supervision.
  • Ability to communicate with coworkers and interact and participate in group efforts.
  • Detailed knowledge of the safety and handling of laboratory chemicals and equipment.

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