Featured RNA-Seq Job – Research Associate

Requisition Code:INFO1351
Location:La Jolla, California
Schedule:Full Time

Job Responsibilities

JCVI is looking to hire a Research Associate to join the Sequencing Core. The candidate will perform basic and specialized molecular biology techniques, including DNA/RNA isolation, DNA/RNA QC, sequencing library preparation, and qPCR. The candidate will also prepare sequencing runs for the Illumina, Pacific Biosystems, and Oxford Nanopore sequencing systems. While most of the position requires hands on laboratory bench work, responsibilities will also include keeping track of sequencing details and run statistics. Experience with a LIMs system is a plus. Other responsibilities include daily maintenance of equipment, tracking sample and kit inventory, and participation in laboratory meetings.

Experience with the following is highly desired:

  • Next generation sequencing
  • High throughput/low volume sequencing
  • Robotic liquid sampling
  • 384 well plates
  • Single cell RNA sequencing
  • 10X Genomics platform
  • Flow Cytometry


Qualified candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or related field and a minimum of one year hands-on laboratory experience. Must be able to operate standard laboratory equipment such as balances, centrifuges, spectrophotometer, and autoclave, have familiarity with laboratory safety procedures. Must be able to read, comprehend, and discuss relevant scientific literature with co-workers. Candidates should have excellent organizational, time management skills, attention to detail, and have the flexibility to handle a variety of tasks and shifting priorities. Preference will be given to candidates with experience with next generation library preparation and sequencers.

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