Featured RNA-Seq Job – Senior Bioinformatician



This position will work with the NIH funded Accelerating Medicines Partnership, which brings high-level government, industry and non-profit foundation partners together to identify and validate the most promising biological targets for therapeutics. This network will focus specifically on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. This position will be with the network’s Systems Biology Group, which will manage and analyze the data.

The senior bioinformatician will work closely with Dr. Soumya Raychaudhuri, and will manage the data for the AMP-RA/SLE network, the hardware resources of the Systems Biology Group, and will also maintain the key pipelines for mass cytometry data, RNA-seq data, and single cell RNA-seq data. S/he will also contribute to the development of novel pipelines, and to devising analytical strategies for interpreting multiple modalities of data. S/he will work closely with the ImmPort database and each of the research sites, which will send data, to insure appropriate data processing, dissemination, and access to the SBG hardware resources.


1. Develop and use novel computational pipelines for analysisof research data.

2. Develop analytical strategies for interpreting multiplemodalities of data.

3. Contribute to the ongoing design and development of the software technology, algorithms, and databases for big-data analysis andstorage.

4. Oversee data processing, dissemination, and access to the SBG hardware resources.

5. Provide statistical applications support and programming

primarily in SAS to include:

  • Designing and developing program applications
  • Designing, implementing, and testing project wide programs in SAS and other high-level programming languages for data management and statistical analysis
  • Providing programming in statistical packages and other software as required
  • Providing statistical and methodological consultation, programming for complex statistical analysis

6. Writes UNIX and Perl scripts and SAS programs

7. In collaboration with PI or Research Manager, establishes

new and modifies existing research techniques.

8. All other duties as assign



  • Education: MSc or PhD degree in appropriate technical, scientific, or engineering discipline (preferably bioinformatics, computational genomics, or computer science) and at least 2 years experience in bioinformatics.
  • Strong programming skills capable of conceiving, of implementing and optimizing program operating on large data sets.
  • Unix environment experience; experience with large data sets, database software experience.
  • Proficiency in a programming language, such as Java, C/C++, perl, or python and one or more mathematical software package/languages such as R or MATLAB, GAUSS, S-PLUS, SPSS.
  • Ability to work with next-generation sequencing data, particularly in the context of RNA-seq data
  • Mathematics background; advanced data management and analysis skills.
  • Expertise working with version control systems


  • Expertise in machine learning and statistical modeling.
  • Advanced knowledge of biostatistics and statistical programming.
  • Formal knowledge in Biology in general; genetics in particular.


  • Problem solving and organizational ability; written and interpersonal and communication skills; and initiative.
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively on research teams.
  • Must be able to logically and effectively structure tasks and set priorities.
  • Ability to identify potential problems and trouble-shoot solutions.

Primary Location

MA-Boston-BWH Longwood Medical Area

Work Locations

BWH Longwood Medical Area
75 Francis Street
Boston 02115

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