Featured RNA-Seq Job – Senior Bioinformatician in Image-based Spatial Transcriptomics

The Opportunity:

We are seeking a Senior Bioinformatician to join the High Throughput Spatial Genomics (HTSG) team to contribute 2D/3D image analysis to exciting spatial transcriptomics projects of human tissues. You will be embedded in the Bayraktar Research Group and the Cellular Genetics Informatics Teams.

Our Mission:

The HTSG Team applies newly developed spatial transcriptomics technologies to analyse the transcriptome and other genomic information of cells in their native tissue environment. As part of the Human Cell Atlas and other projects, we aim to generate 3D cellular maps of diverse human organs to serve as a foundation to understand tissue organisation, cell-cell communication and pathology. The Cellular Genetics Informatics team provides comprehensive support to our Faculty research teams, including but not limited to; creating and scaling bioinformatics analysis pipelines and software, performing bioinformatics analysis on datasets in collaboration with Faculty teams and contributing to publications accordingly.

​​Our Team and Technological Platforms:

Our multi-disciplinary teams consist of experimental and computational scientists with diverse backgrounds in biology, physics, microscopy and software development. We extensively use spatial RNA-Sequencing (e.g. Visium Spatial Transcriptomics), high-multiplexed cyclic RNA imaging (e.g. In Situ Sequencing) and high-throughput confocal microscopy. Our computational pipelines enable diverse bioimage and spatial transcriptomic data analysis, including cell segmentation and single cell & spatial data integration. Our IT platforms support these activities by providing petabyte-scale image data storage, OMERO-based image visualisation and dissemination, nextflow/jupyter based pipelines and high-performance GPUs.

About the Role/You:

You will participate in exciting projects to map human tissue cell types with spatial transcriptomics. You will work with highly-multiplexed RNA imaging datasets of human tissues to quantify cellular and tissue level features. You will apply low-level (e.g. stitching, registration, barcode decoding) and high-level (e.g. cell/tissue segmentation, morphological quantification, spatial neighbourhood mapping) bioimage analysis to quantify human tissue architecture. You will work with diverse image datasets and improve/develop large-scale analysis pipelines on our HPC environment. You will work closely with HTSG and informatics team members to deliver results and are expected to contribute to publications.

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