Featured RNA-Seq Job – Senior frontend developer at the forefront of cancer research

Job description
OncoImmunity AS is an Oslo based bioinformatics company developing software to empower precision cancer immunotherapy. We are looking for a senior frontend developer to drive the frontend architecture and implementation of the OncoImmunity software solutions, with the vision to empower personalized immunotherapy. As the senior frontend developer your main mission will be to initiate and lead the development of intuitive interfaces for our clinical and scientific clients, with a focus on user experience and visualisation.
Familiarity in the fields of biomedicine or bioinformatics is a convenient plus, but not essential. Sufficient training and resources will be provided to get you up to speed! You will work closely with our immune-oncology team, backend engineers, bioinformaticians and data-scientists to understand and implement solutions in our unique machine-learning approaches to personalized cancer medicine.

Required experience
We are looking for senior applicants with a solid background in frontend development, and experience (or profound interest) in User Experience (UX) and data visualisation

  • At least 5 years of experience
  • Solid experience in frontend development and a proven track record in delivering intuitive web applications
  • Experience and/or strong desire to apply UX and data visualization to frontend development
  • Experience in collaborating closely with expert UX designers to implement intuitive frontend solutions
  • Solid HTML5 & CSS3 experience
  • Expert JavaScript experience and knowledge of JS frameworks
  • Comfortable with backend languages, such as Python
  • Proficient understanding of modern code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Proficient understanding of testing and continuous integration tools, such as CircleCI
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Experience working directly with clients to build an understanding of user needs

Roles and responsibilities

  • Lead in the design and implementation of web-based and stand alone analytics frontends to guide personalized cancer medicine
  • Work closely with our developers, scientists, collaborators and clients to deliver top quality frontends to our analytic pipelines
  • Collaborate with data-scientists and bioinformaticians to build prototypes and mockups
  • Innovate to find simple solutions to complex visualization problems, to guide clinical decisions for cancer immunotherapy
  • You will drive certain frontend projects, working with other developers, designers and stakeholders to lead the team from design through pushing to production
  • You will be contributing to best practices and standards for development processes

Om arbeidsgiveren

OncoImmunity AS develops machine-learning methods applied to genomics data for immune profiling in personalized cancer medicine. Our flagship software product predicts a patient response to cancer immunotherapy. We are a growing team of developers from 7 different countries, including Norway, consisting of a diverse mix of data-scientists, bioinformaticians and software engineers. The company is located in the dynamic Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, which is home to a synergistic ecosystem of organizations that include the Cancer Registry of Norway, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, the Institute for Medical Informatics and Pathology and a mix of local biotech and global pharma companies. We work in a collaborative, innovative and fun environment, committed to deliver powerful machine-learning solutions in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

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