Featured RNA-Seq Job – Senior Scientist – Pfizer Vaccines

The Vaccines Research Division and the Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit is seeking a dynamic individual to join the Systems Immunology group and support single-cell elucidation and characterization of Adjuvant Biology responses.

This person will be responsible for the next-generation profiling and analysis of immune responses elicited by various adjuvants and adjuvanted vaccines. They will execute technical and laboratory aspects of in-house bulk and single-cell RNAseq analysis projects, including the design and execution of laboratory experiments. The candidate will also statistically analyze and correlate high-dimensional profiling data with humoral and cellular immune responses in support of various Pfizer vaccine programs.

Finally, the candidate will be expected to provide training and technical guidance to colleagues in a matrix environment as a systems immunology expert.


  • Identify the unique innate and adaptive immune responses induced by various adjuvants and adjuvanted vaccines using cutting edge Systems Immunology approaches in order to optimize and predict the potency of vaccine candidates.
  • Design bulk and single-cell transcriptomic profiling experiments in collaboration with the Vaccine Research Division to identify immune signatures from both in vitro human and in vivo animal studies.
  • Generate and analyze single-cell profiling experiments, including single-cell RNA sequencing, and antibody based single-cell analysis (CITEseq, etc.), from sample preparation, library construction, data generation, and data processing to analysis and interpretation of results.
  • Supervise and analyze bulk transcriptomic workflows from sample preparation, library construction, data generation, and data processing to interpretation of results.
  • Implement data processing and analysis workflows, including cutting edge bioinformatic pipelines to identify immune response signatures.
  • Effectively utilize available resources as needed to achieve timely execution of projects.
  • Work with cross-functional teams (internal and external) to execute plans and deliverables.
  • Present progress to senior management and project leadership.
  • Influence decision making at the business segment level by providing in-depth analysis and identifying multidisciplinary strategic solutions to management.


  • PhD in Immunology, Biology, or other related discipline with 0-3 years post-PhD work experience in an academic or biopharma/biotech setting.
  • Expertise in innate and adaptive immunity, host-pathogen response, and/or vaccinology.
  • 3+ years of hands on molecular biology and next-generation sequencing expertise.
  • 1+ years of experience in analyzing ‘omics data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, single-cell RNA-seq, etc.) for biomedical research.
  • Working knowledge of programming languages such as R or Python.


  • 1+ year of hands-on knowledge and experience with single-cell RNA sequencing platforms (10x, inDrop, Drop-Seq, etc.)
  • 1+ year of extensive experience with computational and statistical approaches for high-dimensional data analysis, especially single-cell RNAseq.

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