Featured RNA-Seq Job – Senior Scientist, Product Development

10X Genomics is a Bay Area start-up developing new technologies for breakthrough next generation sequencing applications. The core technology combines advances in chemistry, biochemistry, microfluidics and computational biology.

10X is looking for an outstanding individual to join its Product Development group. The scientist must be able to learn quickly and creatively solve problems, with excellent laboratory skills.  In addition, the scientist should be able to transform a molecular understanding of biochemical problems to the rational design and execution of new protocols that drive rapid product development.  This candidate will have a proven track record of strong bench work in a fast paced R&D environment.

Exceptional consideration will be given to individuals whom have had a key role in the advancements of new technologies and/or the successful launch of commercial technology products.

Key Responsibility

  • Develop new sample preparation, assays, chemistries, applications and protocols for existing and future products
  • Develop, test and validate products for commercial release
  • Generate data to support marketing and sales
  • Design and conduct complex experiments that maximize the value of each learning cycle
  • Analyze and collate complex data sets and effectively communicate conclusions.
  • Work with computational biology personnel to interpret data and develop methods for data analysis
  • Work with Operations and Production teams to transfer products from development to production

Required Skills and Background

  • PhD in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related field
  • 5+ years experience with Next Generation Sequencing
  • 5+ years experience with sequencing assay technologies (e.g., RNA-seq, DNA-seq)
  • Demonstrated core contributor to a commercially successful life sciences product, preferably for next generation sequencing
  • Demonstrated ability to create and implement complex multi-step assay schemes
  • Demonstrated ability to modify existing assays schemes to address new measurement challenges
  • Experienced in the analysis and interpretation of complex data sets
  • Proficient with molecular biology analytical techniques including qPCR, RT-PCR, digital PCR, multiplex PCR, nucleic acid quantitation, etc.
  • Deep working knowledge of next-generation sequencing workflows and data analysis for Illumina, Pac Bio and/or Ion Torrent platforms

Desired Skills and Background

  • 5+ years of industrial or post-graduate experience
  • Deep working knowledge of commercial kits for NGS applications
  • Ability to interface with multidisciplinary team
  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems independently, run experiments, analyze data, interpret results and modify procedures, present results in public and maintain experimental records
  • Experience in cell biology plus
  • Experience in computation biology a plus
  • Proficient with Excel, Matlab, R or equivalent data analysis tools
  • Working knowledge of statistical data analysis a plus
  • Strong organization skills
  • Experience with highly multiplexed assays

For more information, please contact [email protected] or go to our Careers page at http://10xgenomics.com/company.


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