Featured RNA-Seq Job – Staff Bioinformatics Scientist, RNASeq Pipelines and Applications

Illumina Our team develops secondary analysis solutions for DNA/RNA NGS data used by researchers and clinicians worldwide, providing sample-to-answer pipelines with high reliability, speed, and completeness of results.

We specialize in developing fast and accurate solutions on the industry-leading FPGA-accelerated DRAGEN platform, together with integration in the ICA Cloud platform for scalability and data interpretation. The platform covers a wide range of pipelines, WGS and targeted (enriched/amplicon) germline, WGS and targeted somatic (T/N and tumor-only), DNA/RNA, small variants, CNV and structural variants. The applications are many, from rare and undiagnosed inherited diseases, to population-scale genetics, to cancer.

For this position, we are looking for a candidate with proven experience to take on a technical and management leadership in our Bioinformatics Methods and Product development team, strong experience developing methods to analyze RNAseq datasets (including bulk RNA, single cell RNA, multi-omic analysis of RNA and DNA) and a thorough understanding of applications of transcriptomic data (such as expression regulation, splicing, differential expression, gene fusion detection, cellular heterogeneity, immune deconvolution, and oncology biomarkers).

The ideal candidate will be able to contribute on multiple levels: 1) Methods development, 2) Software development, 3) Translational biology and data interpretation; 4) Small team management.


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