Featured RNA-Seq Job – Staff Research Associate II

  • Job Title: Staff Research Associate II
  • UCLA Title: Staff Res Assoc II-Nonexempt
  • Job Num.: H86625
  • Work Hours: Monday – Friday, day shift
  • Work Location: 44-133 CHS

Job Duties

A computational biologist focusing on performing computational and statistical analysis of transcriptomic and epigenomic sequencing data acquired from human biomaterials from patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). Furthermore, essential computational contributions will include association of RNA-seq data with clinicopathological parameters and identification of RNA-editing sites. Duties include: Computational data analysis, statistical analysis for RNA-sequencing data. Identification of RNA editing events based on RNA-sequencing data. Correlation and RNA-seq data cluster analysis. Statistical analysis of ChIP-sequencing data. Correlation between different gene expression datasets. Gene ontology and pathway analysis for RNA-sequencing data. Data analysis for specialized assays. Statistical analysis for nanostring nCounter molecular data. Gene ontology and pathway for the nanostring nCounter data. Statistical analysis of data derived from the Bioplex system.

Job Qualifications

Ability to coordinate and prioritize work schedule. Knowledge of RNA-sequencing data analysis tools. Knowledge of ChIP-sequencing data analysis tools. Ability to follow detailed instructions, both oral and in writing. Skill in performing various lab techniques and maintaining accurate lab notebook. Ability to communicate well with other investigators and laboratory personnel. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Ability to work as a team member in the laboratory. Knowledge of PC and Mac computers. Ability to organize ordering, keep a safe environment, maintain properly working equipment and communicate with administrative personnel.


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