Featured RNA-Seq Jobs – Three postdocs in bioinformatics – Department of Cancer Prevention

At the Centre of Excellence, Centre for Cancer Biomedicine, we have three vacant postdoctoral positions, each a full-time position for three years. The work place will be at the Department of Cancer Prevention, Institute for Cancer Research, Radium Hospital, Oslo University Hospital, where each postdoc will be formally linked to one of the three research groups at the department. Research includes genetics and epigenetics of cancer, with particular focus on improving diagnostics and treatment of colorectal and prostate cancers. The lab has established various omics-technologies.


Ref.no.: 1849776140, Application deadline: 30.09.2013

Work tasks

The work tasks will be to plan and execute research projects involving deep sequencing of DNA and RNA from cancer patients.

Short description of the three postdoctoral projects:

P1. Genome/exome sequencing (Lothe group). This position is part of the National Cancer Genomics Consortium and the goal to identify clinically useful biomarkers and new targets for therapy. The candidate will initially work with the bioinformatic pipeline of exome seq data from colorectal cancers, followed by integrative analyses with other -omics and clinical data from the same patients.

P2. Epigenome sequencing (Lind group). Bisulfite-seq methylome data will be used to identify novel biomarkers for colorectal cancer (early- and late- onset) as well as bladder cancer. The data will be combined with exome-seq data in order to detect cancer specific aberrations in a small and unique group of colorectal cancer patients with unusually low levels of DNA methylation.

P3. Transcriptome sequencing (Skotheim group). RNA-seq data from prostate and colorectal cancers will be used to identify novel cancer specific transcripts, such as fusion transcripts. Further, the candidate will be involved in characterization of transcriptome instability, a phenomenon of global disruption of pre-mRNA splicing, discovered by us.


We seek candidates with broad competence in cancer genomics/epigenomics/computational biology. The positions require PhD in Biology, Informatics, and/or Medicine and an advanced English level.


–          Ability to work towards goals
–          Enjoy working in an inter-disciplinary work environment and being a good team worker
–          Contribute to a good working environment
–          Good communicational skills

We offer

–          The positions are of three year duration, with start date autumn 2013
–          Included is membership in the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, 2% pension withdrawal, group- and accident insurance, as well as spare time insurance
–          A work place which is an Inclusive working life (IW; IA in Norwegian) enterprise


–          Full time position, three year vacancy
–          Number of positions: 3
–          Position start date: 01.11.2013
–          Position end date: 31.10.2016


–          PhD degree in Informatics, Biology and/or Medicine


–          English

Work place

Oslo University Hospital, Radium Hospital, 0424 Oslo, Norway

Application procedure

The application can be submitted through the Institutional recruitment portal, which can be found from www.ous-research.no/cancerprevention or www.oslo-universitetssykehus.no. However, as the recruitment portal is only available in Norwegian, we will also accept applications by e-mail to rolf.i.skotheim@rr-research.no. Please attach to the e-mail a single PDF which should contain an application letter stating why you are interested in the position(s) and describing your key competences, together with a full CV, list of publications, and other relevant documentation.

Contact info:

Rolf I. Skotheim                   Researcher/Group Leader                 +47-22781727  rolf.i.skotheim@rr-research.no
Ragnhild A. Lothe                Professor/Head of Department        +47-22781728  ragnhild.a.lothe@rr-research.no
Guro Elisabeth Lind            Researcher/Group Leader                 +47-22781737  guro.elisabeth.lind@rr-research.no