Festival of Genomics 2020

The Festival of Genomics is a unique experience – a crossroads for the entire genomics ecosystem to discover, meet, learn, have fun and celebrate. It is the largest genomics event in the UK and the fastest growing genomics event in the world.

Free to attend for around 90% of our audience, the Festival delivers incredible talksspeakerscutting-edge contentinspirational topics, and powerful learning and networking experiences.

Driven by a social mission to deliver the benefits of genomics to people fasterthe Festival unites a diverse array of attendees in a stimulating environment. Silos melt away at the Festival – it’s about making new, exciting connections – with both topics and people.

This year, the festival features multiple talks on RNA-seq that includes the following:

  • “The Importance of RNA as a Diagnostic Tool in Genomic Medicine”
  • “Redefining RNA-Seq Library Prep: A microfluidics-based approach for superior workflow efficiency”
  • “RNA Sequencing and Machine Learning as Molecular Scalpels”
  • “Characterization of Uveal Melanoma using Bionano Optical Mapping, Short Read Seq, Hi-c and RNA Seq”

In addition to a workshop entitled “Mastering RNA Sequencing and Transcriptomics”.

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