Finalised Agenda – RNA-Seq Europe 2015

I’m pleased to announce that the 2nd RNA-Seq Europe 2015 Summit is back with a transcriptomic bang in London on 20th -22nd January 2015.

‘Integrate the Technology & Leverage Transcriptome Analysis to Enhance Drug Discovery & Development’

Continuing from the success of RNA-Seq Boston in June, next year’s European summit will allow you to harness the advanced approaches for gathering, interpreting and applying Next Generation Transcriptome data in drug discovery and development.

For the first look at the finalised agenda, download the brochure now.


Learn and replicate the success of how:

  • Novartis are using new high sensitive approach to reduce the biases in microRNA sequencing
  • GSK are integrating RNA-Seq technology to support drug discovery
  • Cancer Research UK are using RNA-Seq as a default platform for differential gene expression studies
  • Pfizer are analysing & integrating both RNA-Seq and RRBS-seq applications.
  • AstraZeneca are combining state of the art tools to enhance the acquirement  reproducible gene expression values, fusions and variants from RNA-Seq data

Together with our summit partner, Expression Analysis (a Quintiles Company), we are on track to deliver a meeting filled with industry knowledge and the tools that you require for enhancing the analysis and interpretation your research.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information regarding the RNA-Seq Europe 2015 Summit and I hope to welcome you to London in January.

Dr Farrah Ali, PhD
Programme Director – RNA-Seq Europe 2015 
Hanson Wade
[email protected]