FlowJo Launches Cloud Platform for Multi-omics Experiments

FlowJo, LLC, a life science informatics and data analysis company with 19+ years experience in software for analyzing single-cell data, launched FlowJo Envoy, a cloud environment for the coordination of the resources, people, and data produced from multi-omic workflows. The product complements researchers’ work in flow cytometry and gene expression, and allows for complicated collaborative experiments to be coordinated and executed seamlessly.

Presentations describing the powerful combination of the two technologies to drive single-cell biology were presented in the Next-Gen Sequencing Informatics track at Bio-IT World by CEO Michael Stadnisky, Ph.D.

“After speaking with core managers and scientists in flow cytometry and genomics, we identified a key challenge in operationalizing multi-model experiments that involve several instruments and experts. There was no easy-to-use platform to bring all the people, data, and resources together in one place,” says Michael Stadnisky, Ph.D, CEO of FlowJo, LLC.

FlowJo Envoy offers a platform enabling researchers to create and edit a workflow, select instruments for each step, assign steps to collaborators, and upload data and all associated files. Everything uploaded is searchable and organized according to the projects and studies the lab is undertaking. In addition, it offers rich comment features and subscriptions to workflow updates so that communication about an experiment stays proximal to the details about experimental progress and data. FlowJo Envoy is platform-agnostic and accepts any kind of data, including flow cytometry, scRNA-seq, RNA-seq, imaging, and microarray data, among many others.

Together with FlowJo®, the leading single-cell flow cytometry analysis software, and SeqGeq™, a desktop application that gives bench scientists the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze single-cell omics data, FlowJo, LLC now provides both the analysis tools and the means through which to plan and execute a multi-omic experiment.

“It is not enough to just build another LIMS. The needs of researchers advancing science have to be the focus. With collaboration and usability in mind, we built a tool that makes complicated processes elegant while streamlining communication,” said Chad Rosenberg, Director of Special Projects at FlowJo, LLC.

FlowJo Envoy by FlowJo, LLC is available now. For more information about FlowJo Envoy, to request a free trial license, or to get up-to-date training on single-cell data analysis, visit www.flowjo.com.

Source – BusinessWire

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