FlyBase adds RNA-Seq Data Sets

FlyBaseFlyBase has just incorporated several new RNA-Seq data sets from the modENCODE project. These data sets differ from our current RNA-Seq data in that the expression is displayed by strand. One of these data sets includes temporal expression data from the embryonic stages. The other data sets include expression data from a selection of tissues and timepoints, and under a variety of treatments. RNA-Seq expression data, by strand, from cell lines (e.g. Kc, S2) is also now available.

The Treatment Data represents the transcriptome of 4-day old mated adult flies and/or feeding third instar larvae that were fed or exposed to various toxins or environmental stress factors encountered in nature. The concentrations and exposure times used in this study were taken from previously published experiments or were based on experimentally determined LD50 results when there were no preexisting data available. These data can be viewed on GBrowse by selecting the Data Source menu option “D. melanogaster RNA-Seq Data” and selecting the appropriate tracks.

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