Free pass to RNA-Seq 2014 up for grabs


Fancy a FREE PASS to RNA-Seq 2014? Simply crack this RNA Code and it could be yours!


__ __   X    I   __  __   Z     E        __   H   __       __   O   __  __   N   __   I   __   L 

 O   __        R    __   A         __   E   __   _   __   N   __   I   __  __

Hint: The missing letters are not in the same order as they are translated from the code.

As RNA-Seq 2014 is now less than three months away and is experiencing exceptional traction in the market, this is your chance to be part of this exclusive meeting, for free.

This is just a made-up code for a bit of fun – we know how “expressive” you guys in the industry can be. Simply crack this RNA Code by translating the codons into the 1 letter abbreviations of the amino acids they are translated into. For example: AUG = Methionine = M.

As soon as you’ve deciphered the message, send your answer back to us at [email protected] and providing it is correct, we will enter you into a raffle and pull out the winner on Friday March 28th 2014 – so you have until then to enter.