Functional Analysis of Your RNA-Seq Data

Functional Analysis of Your RNAseq Data – Fiona McCarthy, University of Arizona

The broad applicability and availability of RNASeq data has accelerated the generation of functional genomics data sets across a wide range of species. However, the end point of RNASeq analyses is to generate a list of differentially expressed genes; this list contributes little to our understanding of how gene expression contributes to changes in phenotype. The goal of this workshop is to describe a set of tools for functional modeling of RNASeq data, including Gene Ontology and pathways enrichment. We will also describe how researchers can use iPlant tools to rapidly add functional information to their own transcript data, providing an initial set of annotations that can subsequently be used for functional modeling. The demonstration will utilize “real-life”, publicly available RNASeq data sets to demonstrate the applicability of these functional modeling tools and attendees are encouraged to bring their own data sets. We will also discuss future plans for improving functional modeling tools on iPlant and community feedback is welcome.

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