GATC Biotech Connects the Genome to Gene Function

Konstanz, Germany, March 12, 2014 – GATC Biotech, today announced the launch of several novel products designed to explore, quantify, profile and discover transcripts. InView™ Transcriptome EXPLORE and ADVANCE and InView™ Transcriptome DISCOVER represent solutions enabling scientists to generate more valuable insights in transcriptomes derived from any sample. The new products add to GATC Biotech’s rapidly expanding InView™ portfolio of standardised next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions designed to provide researchers with streamlined workflows of top-quality at a very competitive price.

The solutions cover a great variety of transcriptome sequencing projects and generate a comprehensive, genome-wide picture of gene-expression levels in different cells and thus provide a deeper understanding of what constitutes a specific cell type. This information is especially important for research on cell function and on how changes in transcriptional activity may reflect or contribute to diseases. The different packages are based on the best applicable library solution for eukaryotes or prokaryotes, the sample sequencing and the bioinformatics. Thereby raw data are processed within bioinformatics analysis and summarised in a ‘GATC Biotech Data Report’ providing the results in a clear, understandable and informative way.

“Introducing these standardised, reliable packages based on our long standing experience, we are pleased to improve the understanding how a cell works.” said Dr. Tobias Paprotka, GATC Biotech’s Head of R&D. “These new products strengthen GATC Biotech’s NGS portfolio to study RNA expressed from the genome, revealing a more complex picture of the gene expression behind it all.” he added.

Depending on the chosen service, both common and rare transcripts identification, analysis of differential gene expression, detection of rare and novel transcripts, alternative splicing as well as information on the orientation and structure of the transcript (strand specific information) is included. For projects without a reference genome, de novo transcriptome sequencing based on PacBio RS II can be added on request.


GATC Biotech, a family-owned business is Europe’s leading service provider of DNA and RNA sequencing. For over two decades, the company has offered sequencing and

bioinformatics solutions from single samples up to large scale projects. During this time, GATC Biotech has sequenced more than six million samples, ten thousands of bacterial, plant and other whole genomes, as well as hundreds of whole human genomes. The company offers true multiplatform sequencing using all leading sequencing technologies in its own labs. Its headquarter in Constance, Germany houses its ISO 17025 certified Genome and Diagnostic Centre with focus on next and third generation sequencing. The European Custom Sequencing Centre located in Cologne, Germany focuses on Sanger sequencing and serves as the logistical hub within Europe. All laboratories have highly integrated and fully automated processing pipelines, ensuring full compliance with latest state-of-the-art quality standards. For more information please visit

GATC Biotech´s subsidiary LifeCodexx emphasizes the development of clinically validated molecular diagnostic tests and offers a risk-free alternative to common invasive examination methods such as amniocentesis.

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