Gene expression read results are influenced by RNA quality

Researchers at the University of Southern California examined the performance of three RNA-Sequencing library preparation protocols as a function of RNA integrity, comparing gene expressions between heat-degraded samples to their high-quality counterparts. This work is invaluable given the difficulty of obtaining high-quality RNA from tissues, particularly those from individuals with disease phenotypes.

With the integrity of total RNA being a critical parameter for RNA-Sequencing analysis, degraded RNA can heavily influence the results of gene expression profiles. The researchersdiscovered that gene expression read results are influenced by RNA quality when a common library construction protocol is used. These results are based on one technical experiment from a pool of 4 neural progenitor cell lines. The use of alternative protocols can allow samples with a wider range of RNA qualities to be used, facilitating the investigation of disease tissues.


Effect of RNA integrity on gene expression correlations with untreated RNA using the same sample preparation protocol

Chen EA, Souaiaia T, Herstein JS, Evgrafov OV, Spitsyna VN, Rebolini DF, Knowles JA. (2014) Effect of RNA integrity on uniquely mapped reads in RNA-Seq. BMC Res Notes 7(1):753. [article]

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