Genohub Rolls out Unlimited NGS Data Storage and Transfer

Genohub, announced today the release of a full end-to-end solution for NGS data management. Having already changed the way NGS services are traditionally found and ordered, Genohub has set its sights on NGS data storage and transfer, a well known problem amongst researchers.

While most institutional providers like the Broad, Baylor and the Washington McDonnell Genome Institute have developed solutions for storage and data hand-off, thousands of researchers don’t have access to their infrastructure. Proper management, storage and reliable transfer of data has long been an issue for providers generating the data and researchers trying to sift through it. While excellent but low-level cloud-based storage  solutions, such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, already exist , they are not very easy to setup and use for the average researcher or lab manager without extensive IT support.

“This issue became most clear on Genohub, as hundreds of projects would run into ad hoc data storage and deletion policies, unreliable circa 1980 file transfer protocols and slow upload and download”, a point emphasized by Genohub co-founder, Masoud Toloue. “In line with our goal to make Genohub the best platform for conducting sequencing projects, we automatically allocate and manage dedicated cloud storage for each project, in what we call Genohub Project Buckets.”

Genohub Project Buckets are built on top of Amazon’s industry-leading S3 platform.

Starting today, Genohub Project Buckets will be completely free to all users using Genohub to conduct sequencing projects. These include researchers interested in uploading NGS data for data analysis with one of Genohub’s hundreds of partnering bioinformaticians, and those that simply need to store NGS data coming off a sequencing instrument. Providers offering sequencing or data analysis services can start projects with their own clients using Genohub’s platform and utilize Genohub Project Buckets. Genohub funds storage and transfer using fees providers pay to participate on Genohub. Researchers aren’t charged a fee for using the platform.

Founded in 2013, today, thousands of researchers from around the world use Genohub’s unique NGS  matching engine for finding services and starting projects. Being cloud based and available around the clock makes Genohub a truly global enterprise. Researchers from about 30 different countries actively use Genohub to outsource their sequencing and data analysis projects to a diverse network of NGS service providers.

Initially set up to democratize NGS and make searching for and ordering sequencing seamless, Genohub now emphasizes its features to reliably conduct NGS projects. These include enforced project turnaround times guarantees, quality guarantees, expert technical consultation, supervision and a sophisticated online project management platform.

“After working with researchers on hundreds of NGS projects we have been learning a lot about the challenges they typically face when working with external facilities. We have applied these lessons to build a project management platform specifically designed for NGS projects, from the relatively simple ones to complex multi-phase projects with changing requirements. Highlights of our platform include centralized communication, reliable and standardized data transfer, document sharing, ability to add internal and external collaborators, managing multiple quotes, and status tracking. Our goal has been to offer a combination of modern online tools as well as expert human supervision to make the entire process as seamless and efficient as possible”, said Pouya Razavi, Genohub’s CEO and co-founder.

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