RNA-Seq – From A to T – Genome Technology Access Center

Scheduled for Mar 17, 2014 –  11:00 US Eastern Standard Time

If you have utilized or are just considering RNA-Seq for your research, please join us for the first in a series of informational seminars on the application of high-throughput genomic technologies from the Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC). In the field of high-throughput genomics, RNA-Seq is a relative new comer.  As such, the supporting technologies are still evolving and can leave investigators with a plethora of questions:

-Which platform: RNA-seq vs microarrays?
-How many replicates?
-What is the minimum amount of RNA I can use? Is my RNA is of sufficient quality?
-Method of library prep? What’s out there and which one should I employ?
-Paired or single-end sequencing?  How deeply should I sequence?
-Analysis: Can someone help me with the data? Should I use exon, gene, or transcript level analysis?

Having prepared, sequenced, and analyzed RNA-Seq data from thousands of samples and numerous species, the GTAC can help answer these and other questions, many of which will be addressed during the seminar.